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It`s Lunchtime, Baby!

Business Lunch

Time has come! We offer a completely new business lunch on weekdays.

Enjoy the weekly varying lunch menu, choose two or three individual courses including water & coffee, from noon to 2pm in the BLEND berlin. Just take a look at our menu to get your own impression for your next visit at BLEND! See you!


Blend is


Pulsating, diverse and cosmopolitan. Tradition and modernity come together in the city of freedom, the home to free spirits from all over the world, enriching the local culture with international influences.

Inspired by the multi-ethnic population, the BLEND restaurant reflects the spirit and soul of Berlin as a melting pot: free, modern, urban and with a creative twist. Be inspired by a culinary art that adopts the versatility of flavours, cultures and cooking styles to create dishes that respect the season and the region.


Wine connoisseurs and novices can taste up to 80 different wines from all over the world in our restaurant – including excellent wines from lesser known regions.

Our transparent pricing is also an invitation to come and try.

Steffen Sinzinger


Steffen Sinzinger started his career in the “first floor” restaurant (1 Michelin star, 18 Gault & Millau points). Here, he became acquainted with French cuisine under the direction of Michelin-starred Matthias Buchholz.

This break with tradition was followed by Japanese fusion cuisine in Shiro i Shiro under Eduart Dimant, before developing his own style as a chef in the Le Faubourg restaurant. In the restaurant, he interprets and stages the vibrant food scene of Berlin in his own inimitable way.

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